Wednesday, August 08, 2012


In my lifetime I would estimate I've taken at least a hundred thousand pictures of this area, and none of them really does it justice. Still photography has a way of flattening out the landscape, so you can't really grasp the scope or scale of mountains, ridges and coulees. I decided to try a video panorama instead.

I took the video from my driveway, at the top of the ridge above our house. It starts out looking straight south then pans to the west, and ends looking straight north. At the very end, the far edge of the lighter colored grain crop is the Canadian border. That big ridge in the distance is in Alberta.

Now all I need is a better tripod so I can pan a little more smoothly!


Linda G. said...

Have I told you how envious I am of your views? I feel sure I must have, because I totally am. *sigh*

Sandy said...

maybe you should stick with just makes it look like you are rubbing our noses in your spectacular view! just kidding!!! color me green =o)

Darlene Underdahl said...


Do you know a fellow named Mike Johnson, maybe called Mikey?

He retired from UPS in Reno, to follow the rodeos. I think he might be a judge. He retired from UPS within the last few months. I don’t think he cares about privacy, since EVERYONE knew him, and he was upfront about his life.

Brian and Darlene Underdahl think about him often and wish him well. He’s truly an outstanding man.