Who's Who in the Texas Rodeo Series

It is inevitable that as a series grows, so does the cast of characters. A few readers have asked me to create a guide that will help them keep track of the folks who show up in recurring roles, so here's my attempt to list them in a way that hopefully makes sense.

 Although they may have made an appearance earlier in the series, heroes and heroines are listed under the book in which they star. Secondary characters are listed under the book where they are first introduced.

Texas Rodeo Series

Key Families and Businesses

Jacobs Livestock - Rodeo Stock Contractors, owned by the Jacobs Family, and at the center of most of the books. 
Sanchez Trucking - Owned by Merle Sanchez and his two sons. The Sanchez boys are practically part of the Jacobs family.
Brookman Ranch - Owned by Johnny Brookman, whose son and daughter make up the rest of the extended Jacobs crew. 
Patterson Family - The richest family in the Panhandle, the Patterson family and patriarch U.S. Senator Richard Patterson inhabit a loftier social circle than the rough and tumble rodeo world. 

Reckless in Texas (Book #1)

Violet Jacobs: The only female pickup man in professional rodeo, Violet Jacobs has a history of misguided relationships and one very public hook-up with her friend, Delon Sanchez, that resulted in their son, Beni. She’s driven by her love of her family and a burning desire to push Jacobs Livestock to the elite level of pro rodeo.

Joe Cassidy: Bullfighter Joe Cassidy is the best in the business. Working rodeos on the biggest stage alongside his partner Wyatt, Joe is known for taking risks in the arena. Outside the arena, his one true love is High Lonesome Ranch in Oregon, putting him at the whim of callous ranch owner Dick Browning and his worthless son, Lyle.

Steve and Iris Jacobs: Steve and Iris Jacobs own and manage Jacobs Livestock with their daughters Violet and Lily, and nephew Cole in the Panhandle of Texas. Old-school cowboy Steve Jacobs cares deeply for his family and his business and Iris has a tendency to gather in every stray child who wanders into her always welcoming kitchen.

Beni Sanchez: Life is good for the son of a bareback rider and pickup girl. The 5 year old son of Violet Jacobs and Delon Sanchez, Beni knows the rodeo world inside and out.

Cole Jacobs: Cole Jacobs knows rodeo stock and can always be found working hard with his red heeler Katie by his side. A tragic childhood accident sent him to live with his Aunt, Uncle, and cousins Violet and Lily at the age of 15. Known for his particular nature and rigid personality, Cole helps manage Jacobs Livestock as he tries to carry on the legacy his parents left behind.

Wyatt Darrington: Wyatt Darrington is the other half of the best bullfighting team in professional rodeo. Wyatt left his high-society family to become a bullfighter and while money doesn’t really buy everything, it doesn’t hurt. Wyatt’s love for rodeo and fast toys is topped by his intense loyalty to his friends. He fiercely protects those he loves and has a strong save-the-world complex.

Lily Jacobs: The oldest daughter of Iris and Steve Jacobs and fellow owner of Jacobs Livestock, Lily Jacobs is a minister’s wife in Earnest, Texas. Raised a cowgirl, Lily’s real love is in the kitchen whipping up homemade baked goods.

Hank Brookman: Hank Brookman just can’t seem to keep himself from spilling secrets and sharing gossip. A young bullfighter for Jacobs Livestock, Hank has a lot to learn both in and out of the arena.

Roxy (formerly) Cassidy: A trail of husbands follows Roxy Cassidy along as she cheers her son Joe on and contemplates her next relationship. A beautiful mess, Roxy is Joe’s staunchest supporter and near constant exasperation.

Lyle and Dick Browning: The High Lonesome Ranch in Oregon provides some of the best rodeo stock in the country. Unfortunately the rodeo community’s high regard for the rodeo stock doesn’t extend toward Dick the hard-nosed owner of the ranch and his unscrupulous son, Lyle.

Delon Sanchez: An established contender in the elite ranks of professional bareback riding, Delon Sanchez is known for his control, form, and predictability. Father to Beni, Delon is considered part of the Jacobs family.

Melanie Brookman: Violet’s best friend and Hank’s sister.

Tangled in Texas (Book #2)

Delon Sanchez: Delon Sanchez has been a world class bareback rider for years, but Tangled in Texas finds him battling to come back from a career-threatening injury, only to learn that his new physical therapist is none other than the woman who is his biggest regret.

Tori Patterson: Tori Patterson has outgrown her “Cowgirl Barbie” nickname, but can’t seem to escape her past completely. The widow of a Wyoming hero, Tori has escaped the well-meaning consolers and returned to the Panhandle, living in a house that is lacking serious charm with her horse Fudge and one tough barn cat, Muella. All seems to be going well until a rodeo injury puts Delon Sanchez and their heated past back in the center of her life.

Shawnee Pickett: Tori's nemesis from back in their college days, Shawnee made it clear that she didn't believe a novice roper had any place at the rodeo team practices and mocked Tori at every opportunity, calling her a poor little rich girl and tagging her with the nickname “Cowgirl Barbie.” So, of course, she's the first person Tori encounters when she works up the nerve to compete after returning to the Panhandle.

Gil and Merle Sanchez: Sanchez Trucking is one of the best trucking outfits in the four state area, which Merle Sanchez built from a single cattle hauler back in his early twenties. With his rodeo career cut short from an accident, Gil Sanchez pours all of his considerable energy and combative attitude into the family business.

Richard Patterson: Senator Richard Patterson is Texas Royalty; patriarch of the biggest ranch in the Texas Panhandle, CEO of the various family holdings and one of the most influential men in Washington, D.C..

Claire Briggs-Patterson: Claire Briggs-Patterson takes ambition to the extreme, all in the name of the greater good of humanity. Born to be a senator’s wife, the world-class neurosurgeon believes her daughters owe it to the world to be equally accomplished and driven.

Elizabeth Patterson: The eldest Patterson daughter, Elizabeth Patterson can most often be found publishing groundbreaking scholarly articles or holed up in her lab trying to cure cancer.

Violet, Beni, Joe and the rest of the Jacobs Crew: Things are going well for the Jacobs crew as Jacobs Livestock continues to grow and gain national respect.

Tougher in Texas (Book #3)

Cole Jacobs: In Tougher in Texas, Cole finds himself managing rodeos and running Jacobs Livestock, and he’s got enough on his hands without losing another cowboy. When his cousin, Violet, offers to send a capable replacement, he can do nothing but accept. But Violet has sent him Shawnee Pickett and it might be more than he can handle.

Shawnee Pickett: With her roping partner distracted for the rest of the season and her old friend Violet in need of a favor, Shawnee Pickett is up for a chance to work the remaining rodeos contracted out by Jacob’s Livestock; annoying Cole Jacobs just happens to be one of the perks.

Analise: A new addition to the Jacobs crew, she's the gothest girl in rodeo. But,under the piercings and black lace she's intensely intelligent and runs the office with nitpicking precision even Cole can't fault.

The Leses: generally behind the wheels of the trucks hauling Jacobs stock from rodeo to rodeo, identical twins Lester and Leslie are both known as Les.

Hank Brookman: Hank Brookman has continued to hone his bullfighting skills and is working the rodeos nightly alongside his bullfighting partner Cruz. Though his bullfighting skills have improved, Hank hasn’t changed much from the reckless teenager he once was.

Cruz: Miguel Ruiz de la Cruz is a product of the El Paso projects and a protegee of Wyatt Darrington, who has turned his attention to training up the next era of bullfighters from some of the roughest areas across the country.

Tyrel and Mariah Swift: With his Denzel Washington smile and golden voice, rodeo announcer Tyrel Swift can talk most anybody into most anything. Jacobs Livestock has given him an opportunity to break into a higher level of pro rodeo, and his gorgeous, talented teenage daughter Mariah has come along for the ride.

Fearless in Texas (Book #4)

Melanie Brookman: Unapologetically ambitious, marketing whiz Melanie Brookman has sacrificed almost everything for her career. When it all abruptly comes unraveled and she lashes out against the good ol;' boys club, she needs to get out of the Panhandle until the flames die down. So when Wyatt Darrington offers help, she kaccepts, despite the simmering attraction that they've both tried to keep on a back burner.

Wyatt Darrington: He’s busy saving cowboys on the rodeo circuit, saving boys from hard homes by training them as bullfighters at his bullfighting school, and saving a friend by keeping one, very big secret that could ruin Wyatt. And still he can't resist bringing Melanie to Oregon, where disaster is only one slip of the tongue away.

Hank Brookman: One screw-up after another has left Hank in a steady downward spiral...and now not even his sister knows where he's landed.
Gil Sanchez: Cynical, sarcastic and gnerally unsympathetic, Gil is the last person in Earnest, Texas that Wyatt would have chosen as a reluctant ally.

Bing: A part-time rodeo secretaryand full time mental health professional from the Blackfeet Nation in Montana, Bing is the guardian angel of broken-down cowboys..

Grace McKenna: Making her first appearance in this book, this longtime school friend of Hank Brookman has moved to Oregon and found a job as an athletic trainer with Wyatt Darrington’s help.

Philip: A standout basketball player and member of the Blackfeet tribe, Philip couldn’t quite work his future into one he wanted until Wyatt Darrington offered him a chance in the arena.

Scotty: Another one of Wyatt Darrington’s students, red-haired, former foster kid, Scotty is looking to move his life beyond minimum-wage jobs scrubbing floors and cleaning bars and being a bullfighter may just be the ticket.

Louie: Bartender for the Bull Dancer and half-blood Umatilla.

Helen: From feeding Joe cassidy when he was at the Browning Ranch to serving up school lunches, Helen is looking for a way to put her excellent cooking skills back to work again.

Mistletoe in Texas (Book #5) - COMING SEPTEMBER 2018

Grace McKenna: Who would have thought Grace McKenna would be on a first name basis with, and even call friends, the rodeo celebrities of Earnest, Texas? Grace is back in the Panhandle, working as an athletic trainer and enjoying this new life of hers. Only two things threaten to destroy what she’s built, one very large (or small, really) secret and the man that just came rolling back into town.

Hank Brookman: Facing his old life in the Panhandle is going to take a lot of humility, and Hank Brookman is ready to try. Thanks to Gil Sanchez, he’s got a new job as a truck driver and thanks to Bing, he’s got the confidence he needs to go crawling back to those he has hurt, starting with Jacobs Livestock. But the biggest challenge will be facing his friend, his little red-haired girl, Grace.

Bing: Success, for Bing, means saying goodbye. After years of helping Hank Brookman regroup his life, he is ready to face his old life and leave Bing alone again looking for another cowboy to recuperate unless the Texas Panhandle calls to her first.

Johnny Brookman: Hank's estranged father, Johnny Brookman was one of the most respected tie-down ropers and horseman on the professional circuit until a wildfire wiped out the family ranch and the future he’d carved out for himself.

Other Characters: Check out the cast list from the series to see some of your favorites as they make a return in Mistletoe.

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