Monday, February 27, 2012

We Now Take a Short Intermission....

...for Little Guy Wrestling, which is sucking the last of the life out of this sports mom. It's a real challenge to keep your son involved in stuff like this when you've got an hour drive home after practices and games. When I was this age we had a little country school out here in our community so it wasn't an issue, and when we reached high school all of us cousins stayed at my Grandma's house in town (for more on that and one of my favorite posts ever see Hoyt's Hotel). If you were in sports and playing on the weekends you might go two or three weeks without getting home to the ranch. With no house in town these days, Logan and I just have to suck it up and drive.

The end result is a complete lack of wit or wisdom this week, so I'll settle for sharing some pictures. First is the obligatory shot of the mountains at sunrise with an awesome streak of light across the base through a break in the clouds.

And honestly, you all just wish you were this cool, right? 

Plus I made my biweekly trek over west to check on the mares who are supposed to be having colts this spring. Yes, I realize there are such things as ultrasounds and pregnancy checks, but they require money and a trip to the nearest vet which is also an hour away so we're just waiting to see what pops out. 

This is Sweetgrass, definitely baby belly:

This is Ember, maybe baby belly:

And this is Target, definitely just fat belly because one Paint pony is more than enough for any rancher, just ask my husband:

I do have videos of baby calves. Someday I may have a free evening to edit and upload them. Until then just count your lucky stars that they don't let mothers in the wrestling room so you don't have to watch hours of the kid in action. 



Ron Scheer said...

Horses are fine-looking, but I love the dog.

Megan Coakley said...

Your wrestling sounds like the equivalent of our "travel teams." This is when an athlete is talented enough to play at a higher level, and joins a team that traipses all over the state for competition. We know it in our house as "the sports term that shall not be named." I don't love any one of my children enough to subject the whole family to that insanity. However, if I had such a handsome traveling companion in my front seat, I might reconsider!

(Thank goodness Leo can't read. He'd be jealous of the compliment, and the front seat.)

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Ron: I'm in trouble for that last picture. Fat Paint ponies are not exactly what the home folks want to be remembered for.

Megan: We're in the lowest of the low key wrestling. There are tournaments every week but there's no official team and everybody goes where and when they want, which for my guy means not at all because I'm pretty sure an actual match in front of all those people would traumatize him for weeks.

Crystal Posey said...

Fat belly... LOL. So pretty though. I love all the white.

Cynthia D'Alba said...

First, you leave Target alone. Us fat chicks have to stick together.

Showed Maggie the picture of Max in front seat of truck. She wasn't impressed. She said, "I have a motorhome, so there."