Saturday, July 03, 2010

Eye in the Big Sky

Two weeks ago, on our twenty four hour vacation, we rented a rowboat and went out and paddled around Lake McDonald. In my opinion, this view across the lake from Apgar Village has to be one of the most gorgeous on the planet. But that's not the only reason this picture fascinates me. You see, it was taken by a friend of mine.

Who was in Alabama at the time.

Welcome to the age of webcams. Some people think it's creepy to know someone might be watching them at any time (come to think of it, my husband still doesn't know he was on camera). Me, I think it's sort of cool that I could tap out a text message, zip it off across the country, and wave hello to someone I've only met in online writers' discussions. This particular camera takes a shot every thirty seconds. All she had to do was save the image and email it to me.

Voila! We finally got a picture with all three of us in it for a change!

There are a lot of awesome webcams around Montana, and they provide some incredible scenery. You can even watch Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park erupt. See an occasional elk. Check the road conditions down by Alzada. The best collection of Montana and surrounding webcam links I've found is at the Big Sky Fishing website. And out of that list here are my two favorites:

Glacier National Park (Including the Lake McDonald cam that produced the picture above).

Montana State University  (User Controlled! I love these. If it weren't for the football stadium getting in the way, I could zoom this sucker right in on my sister when she has playground duty at her elementary school.)

So kick back and take a virtual tour of our wonderful Big Sky state on your holiday weekend!


Linda G. said...

Gorgeous! Looks like Montana in the summer makes up for Montana in the winter. :)

Re the webcams: Are there signs posted anywhere letting you know you might be on camera? People in, say, the witness protection program might like to know when they're visible to the world at large. ;)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I didn't know anything about webcams like this. Very cool and now I'll be investigating where they are I might visit. I agree with you about the view. It's incredible.

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Linda: There is no sign or warning attached to any webcams that I've encountered. Of course, a normal person would worry that they were having a bad hair day or picking their nose. Only a writer would consider witness protection.

Susan: I love Two Medicine, but I'm disappointed that they don't have webcams at either Many Glacier or East Glacier lodge.

Sandy said...

many a day i have lost myself in webcams...makes me long for travel even more!

Anonymous said...

I rock. Oh and love the pic of your husband and little man!

Bill Kirton said...

I'm always boasting about the scenery on the west coast and in the Highlands of Scotland but I have to admit this is very, very impressive.

Anonymous said...

heaven! you couldn't design better