Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm Outta Here

Yep, I'm headed west, across the mountains into the No Snow Zone, otherwise known as Spokane. Figures, the year the Olympics are in Vancouver the Pacific Northwest would have a nice, open winter.

While I'm gone the blog will be on vacation, too. By the time I get back, we'll be on the verge of calving season, so I should have plenty of story fodder. Until then, I thought I'd share a couple of the very first blog posts I wrote, for those of you who haven't been around since the very shaky beginning.

I guess I've never actually mentioned here that I also write a column that appears every other week in four local newspapers. Being a generally lazy person, many of those columns (okay, yeah, most) are lifted from this blog, though often there's some serious whittling to keep it under my 1000 word limit. Since the newspapers are also available online, I thought I'd share the link so those of you in far off places can catch up on our local sports and politics.

Plus my column, off course:   Montana Musings

The second oldie but goodie is still one of my family's favorites, probably because even after almost twenty years we all still miss my grandmother and her house, known affectionately as Hoyt's Hotel.

Unlike the eastern half of the U.S., the weather here at the ranch is supposed to be sunny and warm for the next few days. Here's hoping the snow will disappear while I'm gone and when I get back, my road doesn't still look like this:

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Stan Grace said...

Good choice! The weather in Spokane appears to be an improvement over Dallas today.