Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Pretty, isn't it? Unless you happen to work for the rural electric cooperative.

Tonight I got home, changed clothes, and turned on the oven to make dinner. Before it could even preheat the power went out. Luckily, it only stayed off for fifteen minutes, as compared to the three and four hour stretches we experienced over the weekend. The culprit? Frost. Or more accurately, freezing fog which created heavy layers of frost on everything, including the power lines.

Even the fence wires and posts are loaded with ice.

*Sigh* It is now three hours after I typed those last words, all of which were spent trying to entertain a four year old boy by candlelight. I'd best wrap this up while I still have juice. If you don't see much action around the blog for the next few days, assume that I am literally in the dark.


Linda G. said...

Ugh. Winter weather is hard enough to deal with when you have power. Hope it's restored soon!

SAC said...

Oi. Out here in Maryland we're snowed in for the fifth day straight (officially-- yesterday we did make it out for a library-book change-out and some groceries), but at least we still have power. For now.

(Have you tried sock puppets? In our weather-enforced state of domesticity, my sister and I were sitting around the other night with me working on a shirt-sewing project and her making a sock puppet from a dead sock, so it comes to mind.)

Kari Lynn Dell said...

SAC: We've done Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, a couple of construction toys. Last night, we did Hooked on Phonics (patting ourselves on the back).

Crystal Posey said...

Those pictures are awesome! But, oh yeah, I gotta have power.