Friday, December 04, 2009

Hunkerin' In

Back in the pioneer days, before radio and television or even telephones, the first warning a rancher had of an approaching storm was the front rolling over the Milk River ridge. One look at a cloud like this sends everyone in our area scurrying around, feeding and sheltering and tying down anything that can blow away or get buried. Once the cloud gets this close, you know you've got, at best, an hour or two before the snow starts. I took this picture at lunch time.

Ember, Julie and Roo must have seen the cloud rolling in too. They were hanging around the gate all day, waiting for someone to let them in. They're under the lean to now, nibbling hay.

By three o'clock, it looked like this.

Now it looks like this out my living room window. As the snow piles up, the visibility gets worse with the wind gusting up to forty miles an hour. They're telling us it's going to last most of the day tomorrow, and the temperatures are going to drop well below zero before it's all done.

Looks like we're getting a White Christmas this year.


Julie Weathers said...

I love Montana, but I don't miss that. It's in the low 20's here and I'm about to freeze.

Crystal Posey said...

Holy crap those first two pics are awesome! *waves at roo*

It was cool to see it via web cams. Yeah, I know, cool till you live in it. I still wanna!

Sage Ravenwood said...

Maybe it's because I don't have to deal with it. But I love watching a storm come in like that. Great pictures. (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

I get cold just looking at the pictures.

Put that webcam to use. We need to see your...socks!

ANS said...

It looks freezing! Wow. We woke up to 0 degrees this AM, but not that much wind, so I'm sure you have it worse than us.

Anonymous said...

wow! amazing! i remember the big storm we had in 2001 was like that, hope all cows and horses ok ! sadie x