Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Was I Thinking?


If anyone happens to know why February exists please share, because right at the moment, I'm having a hard time figuring it out. All it's got to show for itself is a whole lot of cold, snow and wind, and a couple of made up holidays.  My drive to work the past two weeks has looked a lot like this, except the train is me and the tracks are my road. Just aim for halfway between the power poles on one side and the fence on the other, it'll be there somewhere. Since I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day and have never worked for anyone who considered President's Day worthy of paying me to lounge around on my couch, I say "Bah, Humbug" to the whole month.

One thing about winter, it does leave a person plenty of time to hang out in the house and ponder the mysteries of the universe. You can pop on over to the blog I share with a few friends to see What I Was Thinking.

Besides "Bah, Humbug", that is.



Unknown said...

I, too, am more than ready to peel the February page off the top of the calendar. And this awesome head and chest cold I've got also isn't endearing Feb to me. It's like the whole month is made of Mondays.

Gayle Carline said...

February exists to make you get down on your knees and be GRATEFUL-YES-GRATEFUL for March. Oh, and babies. Honest to God, I know more people with February birthdays than all the other months combined. Including mine, which I share with Erma Bombeck.

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Okay,Gayle wins. If Erma was born in FEbruary, that makes the entire ugly month worthwhile. And,um, I guess there's my husband and my mother, too.

Gary Corby said...

I can help you out there--no need to thank me--you have a very ancient Roman king named Numa Pompilius to blame for the existence of February. The Romans originally had a 10 month calendar (the Dec part of December means ten) but then Numa popped on two extra months.

February was the Roman Februarius, and is named for the Latin word meaning purification, because it was the time of a bizarre purification and fertility ritual called the Lupercalia, which involved sacrificing goats, and which these days you know as Valentine's Day.

Anita said...

Surprisingly, no lasting snow here in central Virginia this month, but I do understand your feelings.

For me, it is a
t-i-r-i-n-g month. It's like a hump that you keep trying to get over.

Spring is coming!

Anita said...

I'm back.

Just finished looking at you...oops, I mean the train, and reading about the ants and the empty gas tank.

Big LOL.

My husband is "amazed" at how I drive around on E too.

Another big LOL.

Kari Lynn Dell said...

I should have known Gary would know. I wonder if sacrificing a goat would also make the snow stop?

Anonymous said...

I am quite proud of myself tonight. My little low on gas light with accompanying bell sound came on as I was driving home from work to pick up my husband to go to a college basketball game. I drove right on by the gas station to pick up the husband so he could be a gentleman and put the gas in the tank. It is -23 below zero wind chill at my house!

P.S. Speaking of February; A recent transplant asked me today how cold it had to be in order to call off school in our town. I told her it had been 22 years since we had a snow/cold day and that was a state wide emergency declared by the governor.

Linda G. said...

Duh. February exists to be the month of my birth. What other excuse does it need?

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Linda: But if we skipped Februarys from here on out, you'd never have birthdays so you'd never get any older than your current seasoned perfection.

Lola: I really miss poking my credit card out the crack in the window to the gas station attendants in Oregon.

Bill Kirton said...

Well, it is the shortest month - it has that going for it. But I'm just commenting really because I was SO impressed by that great piece of video.