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Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's FREE...and it's kicking butt.


My awesome publisher, Sourcebooks, has put the ebook version of Reckless in Texas up for free download through Tuesday only. The result?

Yeah, baby. We're number one! If you want to grab your copy, click on any of the links below:

And all other ebook outlets that carry it! Run, run, run to get your copy. Even if you already own the print version, if you download this freebie it'll help me in the rankings. And if you love it, I'd love you back if you take the time to pop onto the internet and post a review. If I can hit the fifty review mark on places like Amazon, the book will start getting recommendations from their site and all sorts of good stuff like that. 


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Meet the Champ


Our rodeo season officially ended last weekend with the Canadian Senior Pro Rodeo Finals in Claresholm, Alberta. I had a pretty good weekend, winning two firsts and a second in the breakaway roping and third for the finals, plus second in one round of the team roping (we're not talking about the other runs). And if you're wondering whether we had a good could I not, with this bunch of ropers?

But the big news of the weekend? Meet the 2016 50+ Tie Down Roping Champion!

Yes, that is my bestest half, and I am so proud of him for powering through after having a nightmare second half of the season when the rodeo gods decided to do everything in their power to screw with his head. Calves falling down, chute gates not opening when he nodded his head--you name it. 

And huge kudos to his horse, Hollywood, who not only carried Greg to the title but tolerated me, too. 

And now it's training time. We'll spend the next three or four months working on Captain and Dot and seeing how Hank takes to being a tie down horse. Except when we find a good team roping and can't resist entering up.

Oh, yeah. And there's this book I'm supposed to be writing....


Thursday, October 06, 2016

Write It and They Shall Pass

Once again, my real life is mirroring something I made up. In the early chapters of Reckless in Texas, there's a scene where Violet's son, Beni, has a couple of the adults helping him test out some new cereal. This actually did happen with my son before I wrote the book. He's still miffed that Max the Cowdog didn't magically learn to play fetch when he ate his Reeses Puffs. Dang false advertising.
The rest of it I made up. It goes like this:
Beni reached into his box, fished out a few chocolate
puffs, and handed one to each of his companions. “Ready?”
They nodded gravely.
“Okay, go.”
All three popped the cereal into their mouths and
chewed. Beni scrunched his eyes shut as if waiting
for a firecracker to explode. After a few seconds, he
opened one eye to peek at Cole, who shook his head.
Beni opened the other eye to check with Joe, who did
the same.
Beni heaved a mournful sigh. “It’s not working.”
Violet looked at her mother, who shrugged.
Pushing open the screen door, Violet went out onto
the deck. “Why the sad face, little man?”
“There’s something wrong with this cereal.” Beni
scowled at the box. “On TV, they said amazing things
will happen if you eat it.”
Violet had to work to keep an appropriately solemn
expression. “What kind of amazing things?”
“I don’t know, but we’ve been eating and eating it—”
“And not one single monkey has flown out of my
ass,” Joe drawled.
Cole made a noise that sounded like a chocolate puff
going down the wrong pipe.
Beni giggled. “You said a bad word.”
“Oh sh—I mean, shoot. I didn’t mean—”
Violet strangled another laugh and gave Beni a stern
look. “Sometimes big people say those words. Doesn’t
mean you can.”
“But, Mommy—”
“No.” She turned to Cole before Beni could drag
her into a debate about exactly which words were offlimits,
requiring him to say all of them. “You still want
to gather those two-year-old bulls?”
Back to the present. Night before last I was working away at the computer when my son strolled up and said, "So, Mom, other than shit, damn and F#%&, what words can't I say?"
I scraped up my jaw and demanded, "Where did you hear those words?"
"You and Daddy."
And this, my friends, is why taking your kids along when you work cows is not always a good idea.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reckless Scavenger Hunt

We've had our first snow and the boy is back in school, so summer has officially come to an end and it's time for me to get a handle on the things I've let slide while we were busy playing--this blog and my newsletter topping the list.

I'm kicking it off with something fun. Today, September 15th, I'm participating in a Facebook event hosted by A Taste of Romance. It begins at 3:00 p,m. MDT, or 1 p.m. EDT and the roster of authors participating is so amazing, if this was a cocktail party I'd be hiding behind the fake ferns, too scared to speak to any of them. Or babbling incoherently while they smiled and nodded and sidled toward the nearest exit.

Actually, they are as lovely and charming as they are talented, and I highly encourage you to stop by, chat, and possibly win cool prizes. A Taste of Romance - Women's Fiction

I'll be there at 4 p.m. MDT (6 p.m. EDT) answering questions and telling tales about Reckless in Texas and the next book in the series, Tangled in Texas. I am thrilled to say that Reckless hit Bookscan's top fifty mass market paperback list and was the highest debuting romance in the week it was released.

So yeah, that's what all the screaming was about. :)

In conjunction with the party I'm doing a Reckless Scavenger Hunt. During promo for the book we scattered excerpts around the internet. Below you will find links to three of them. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to read the excerpts, answer the following questions and either message me your answer on Facebook or by email at Please DON'T post answers in the comments in either place to avoid others copying your work (not that ANY OF YOU would do such a thing). you go!

Excerpt #1   The Worst Kind of Trouble

Question: What did Joe warn Violet might happen if she assumed?

Excerpt #2   Kiss it Better  (you'll find it at the bottom, past the Dear Reader letter, and please note that the book giveaway on the blog is closed)

Question: What name did Joe give the runaway bull?

Correction: I just realized that the answer to this question is in the paragraph BEFORE the beginning of the excerpt. So if you tried to answer already, I'll accept whatever you came up with. If not, answer this alternate question: What piece of equipment hit Joe and caused his injury? 

Excerpt #3  Great Save

Question: What did Joe say to the crowd after the save?

Email or message your entry by midnight EST tomorrow, Sept. 16th. Saturday morning (don't expect it to be early, y'all, you are not dealing with a morning person) I'll draw a winner from all the correct and complete entries and post the winners here and on Facebook.

Oh, you want to know what you might win?

First prize:  A Wrangler Rock 47 winged heart necklace, by Montana Silversmiths

Second prize: A signed copy of my debut novel The Long Ride Home.

And for everyone who plays along, a Texas Rodeo can cooler if you include your snail mail address with your entry. 

Good luck. Have fun. Let's get Reckless!



Congrats to Marie H-C for winning the necklace.


Cathy Lieber for winning the signed copy of The Long Ride Home

And everyone else who played along, keep an eye out for your can cooler, I'll be
putting everything in the mail this week. 


Tuesday, August 02, 2016

It's HERE!

Release day has finally arrived! Reckless in Texas is loose in the world.

To celebrate, I'm going to reward those of you who rush out and get your copy ASAP. Join me on Facebook and Twitter from my prize chest:

The prize chest includes:

*a CM Russell adult coloring book
*Glacier National Park tote bags with a bag of huckleberry saltwater taffy (not pictured)
*signed copies of my first book, The Long Ride Home
*signed copies of Reckless in Texas to go along with your e-book version, or so you can pass your unsigned copy along to a friend. 
*official tipi notebooks
*ten free downloads of my short story collection In From the Cold
*5 free downloads Stoney Larue's Let Me Hold YouJoe's song from the Reckless in Texas. 

Find me on Facebook at: Kari Lynn Dell Western Author

Or on Twitter as: @kidell

Be one of the first to post a photo of your copy of Reckless in Texas on one of those two sites and you'll get to rummage in the prize chest, until I run out of loot. First come gets first choice.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Release Day Countdown

As the release day clock ticks down, I've been getting some amazing early reviews for Reckless in Texas.  

“Dell’s insight into the world of bull riding is illuminating, and her highly dimensional characters make her a standout in western romance.” Publisher's Weekly

“Dell's writing is notable, and her rodeo setting is fascinating, with characters that leap off the page and an intriguing series of actions, conflicts, and back story elements that keep the plot moving... A sexy, engaging romance set in the captivating world of rodeo.”  Kirkus Reviews

This well-written tale includes strong characters and a detailed view of the world of bullfighting… Readers can look forward to getting a cowboy’s education and a bird’s-eye view on the rodeo circuit.” Romantic Times

"Reckless in Texas was a breath of fresh air!...It was, all around, a really good novel and I recommend it to everyone!" Goodreads reviewer Alecia

Named to the Steamiest and Sweetest Romances of Summer 2016 list.

If you want a sneak peek, pop on over to my website and sign up for my mini-mag, Rock Soup for the Cowboy Soul. Not only will you get to read the first chapter, I will be giving away advanced copies to a few lucky subscribers as soon as I get them.

And if you want to be sure a copy is in your hot little hands ASAP, you'll find the pre-order information at If you send me a proof of purchase of your pre-order and your snail mail address, I'll send you a Texas Rodeo can cooler when I get them.

For those who are visiting this blog for the first time or who'd just like to revisit some favorite posts, I've added a Greatest Hits list to guide you to a few of the most popular pieces over the years (also listed on the right hand menu, unless you're reading this on your phone, in which case, damned if I know where that column goes).

Monday, April 11, 2016



Break out the fireworks! I just finished a quick rewrite of Book 2 in my Texas Rodeo series, which appears to be permanently titled Tangled Up in Texas. I finally figured out what was niggling at my brain about this book, and added a new scene to fix it. Sounds simple enough, except that scene required more research than the rest of the book combined. In it, the hero is driving a truck and talking on a CB radio. At one point I had nine tabs open on my internet browser: several CB lingo sites, a couple of 'life as a trucker sites', Google Earth so I could 'drive' from Raton, NM to Pueblo, CO, the Love's Travel Station site, Mapquest so I could figure distances and times from Amarillo to Albuquerque to Pueblo, and WalMart because I needed to know which exit would get me to the Wally World in Santa Fe. All to write about two paragraphs, which took me most of one day.
At some point during that day my mother wandered through and we had a conversation. Obviously, it didn't take, because at four o'clock I jumped in the car and drove the twelve miles down to the bus stop. Imagine my surprise when ol' yeller pulled up and my kid wasn't on board. And THEN I remembered my mother had said she was picking him up. Which I had completely forgotten, along with calling the school to tell him not to get on the bus, so they had to flag it down and drag him off.
Then it arrived at his stop to find me waiting faithfully. Which is why there is now a substitute bus driver in our school district who is quite sure there is a drug problem up here on the border.