Monday, February 18, 2019

The Reincarnation of Muddy

So...there's this thing I've been sitting on for a few months, and it involves the book formerly known as The Long Ride Home.

Yes, I said FORMERLY.

This book has had quite a journey. First the original publisher went out of business, but was good enough to sell me the cover art so I could self-publish it in digitally without any noticeable changes, but no paperback version. Now I am thrilled to say that my current publisher, Sourcebooks, is giving it a whole new life. New cover. New title. And while that means it will be unavailable until the new release date of July 30, 2019, when it does come out it will be on sale EVERYWHERE in mass market paperback.

Gentle readers, meet Last Chance Rodeo, available for pre-order as of today. Yes, that is my very own Chief Mountain in the background! I love my art department.

For the story behind this story and pre-order links, pop over to Romance Reads.

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