Thursday, January 08, 2015

Huckleberry Heaven

One of the coolest things about the internet is how it has allowed me to 'meet' writers from all over the world, including the fabulous, RITA award-winning Fiona Lowe. After hanging out here at the blog for a while, she decided to set her latest series of books in our area, which has resulted in flurries of emails between us about everything from which wildflowers bloom in July to whether our libraries have self-checkout. As luck would have it, the first book in her series, Montana Actually, came out on Tuesday, which was the same time as mine was available for pre-order, so we're celebrating by doing a giveaway of Made in Montana delicacies over on Facebook. Which I, of course, forgot to mention here on the blog until now.

So hopefully you're checking in here before 9 pm EST on Friday, January 9th, so you can pop on over and leave a comment and get yourself a chance to win a whole bunch of heavenly huckleberries. Oh, yeah, and a couple of books, too. And Canadians, ignore the US residents only part, I live closer to the nearest Alberta post office than I do my own, so I'm happy to include you.

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