Monday, December 15, 2014

Snow Job


It is one of those lovely little ironies of life that when it's too wet or too snowy to rope outdoors, we move inside. And then it's too dusty so we have to dump water on the arena we're using because it's raining or snowing outside. Nothing like dragging hoses through the mud to make you question your intelligence. Winter makes the process more complicated because hoses and water trucks freeze up and are generally a pain in the patoot.If only there were a way to open up the roof and let just enough moisture fall inside.

Occasionally Mother Nature cooperates and dumps a foot of fluffy snow at an opportune moment, which was this Saturday except for the part where we drove through drifts and a near white-out to go to a Christmas concert. But Sunday, with the help of a tractor with a loader, Greg hauled in enough of the white stuff to do the trick. After another good drag with the arena tractor, it'll be just right.


ABEhrhardt said...

I envy you the physicality of your life - and the ability to do it. I bet there's times when you are so exhausted you can't move another pile of snow - thanks for sharing your life!


Anonymous said...

There wasn't a whole lot physical about this job, Alicia, other than climbing in and out of the tractor. But I do know what you mean. I worked an eight to five desk job for six years with an hour commute morning and night, and my body hated me. No matter how tired and cold I get, I'd rather be out here on the ranch.