Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Tales


I have managed to successfully create my first ever author newsletter, which those of you who've listened to me whine about my ongoing war with technology know is a major accomplishment. It includes one of the all time favorite posts from way back at the beginning of this blog, a Christmas story even, the one about the road trip with the dog and the baby and the tow truck and...well, you just have to read the whole thing.

If you want a few chuckles, take a minute to Subscribe and this and future editions will land directly in your inbox, along with the latest news about my novels. Each newsletter will feature a story, either something like you find here on my blog or, occasionally, a bonus short story that will only be available to newsletter subscribers.

Here's hoping the holidays find you well and happy, or at least well-stocked with booze and chocolate and those frosted sugar cookies that are almost the death of me every year.


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