Monday, March 24, 2014

Magical Disappearing Mountains


The view from our living room on an average day:

The view today:

This is how Meriweather Lewis managed to miss Marias Pass and take the long way around to the Pacific. Well, this and the Blackfeet. 



Anonymous said...

No fair photoshopping!

OTOH, sometimes, at the end of the street in NJ, the clouds are just right - and I can see mountains that don't exist.

I grew up with mountains - LA, Mexico City, and Seattle - and I miss 'em.

Fiona Lowe said...

Gorgeous view!

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Dream mountains are awesome, Alicia. I've heard over a certain part of Puget Sound, when the clouds are just right, they create a reflection that makes it look like there are ships sailing upside down in the sky.