Sunday, December 29, 2013

In case you thought I was exaggerating about the wind...

...this happened north of Cut Bank, sometime between ten p.m. and daylight, Friday night:

I mentioned in the last post about the cold front that rolled in. I forgot to add that it hit like a freight train, packing an extreme burst of wind, which we somehow slept right through. Possibly because our roof has been rattling non-stop for days so it would take an actual freight train smashing into the house to get our attention.

Unfortunately for the company that's trying to put up this large industrial building, that's the effect the wind blast had on their construction site. Instead of a two story steel beam structure, they now have a very expensive pile of scrap metal. Even more depressing? This is the second time. In a month. .



Linda G. said...

My gosh, you must be afraid to walk outside without wearing lead-weighted boots. Don't blow away!

Mary said...

Unreal, hopefully no one was hurt.