Sunday, September 22, 2013

All the Pretty Pieces

We're in Bozeman for a couple of days, staying with my sister and her husband, who is a first class saddle maker. Since the garage at their condo doubles as a saddle shop, I'll treat you photos of a pair of roping saddles he's building for twin girls, not that they're spoiled or anything.

Start with a bunch of this:

And a set of these:

Trace out the pieces for a saddle and the outlines of the tooling:

The rawhide tree with the seat and swells covered and the cantle already tooled:

Even the stirrups get some tooling and bling:

And the back cinch:

And the stirrup leathers:

Purchase price? $5,000 per saddle, in case you were all fired up to place an order.



Beth Caldwell said...

Nice! Very nice! Now, if only I had a horse. :/

Hannah Hounshell said...

Pretty. Too bad I'm not only broke, but horse-less as well. :)

And the next time someone complains about my commission prices for my artwork, I'm going to tell them to go buy a saddle. Good gosh those things are expensive. :/

Myra King said...

What craftsmanship! Wonderful works of art as well as being functional.