Monday, June 25, 2012


We've been gone rodeoing and such for three days and I'm still buried in laundry, so instead of actual thoughts today you get a bunch of the pictures I've been collecting for the last month.

Our baby is growing up fast. And turning black!

Lichen. When it comes to art, Mother Nature rocks. 

Welcome to Cow Heaven. 

Mule deer bucks with their horns in the velvet, McEntire Ranch south of Magrath, AB

When sheep go ninja.

And Cosmo did say animal prints are in this year.

Enjoy the view. I'll be back mid week with more....something. 


Linda G. said...

Thanks for the lovely interlude.

June said...

Oommm... Can I ask a stupid city girl question? Why are your sheep wearing t-shirts? I assume it has something to do with the fact that they are kind of bald. But what does the shirt do? And where do you find couture for farm animals? And how long will they wear them?

Kari Lynn Dell said...

June: Those are sheep jammies. They keep the wool nice and clean for show day. I assume the things on their faces are fly masks, but it seems weird that their eyes aren't covered like the masks we put on horses.

Megan Coakley said...

I want to go with the cows, because it's Megan Heaven, too!

I'm pretty sure we have school book covers made out of those sheep jammies. They're called Book Sox and they're super stretchy. Of course, the sheep are much more fetching than the books.

Darlene Underdahl said...

What a pretty baby horse... love him.

I like all the pictures, but then, I LOVE mountains. That was how my husband dragged me to Reno so easily. And clean Ninja sheep... so nice.