Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lucky Seven

The latest thing amongst my writer friends on the Internet is a little game called Lucky Seven. Once tagged you're required to go to Line 7 of Page 77 of your manuscript and share the next seven lines. So, here's mine:

“How’s Frank?” Joe asked.
His mother heaved a gloomy sigh. “Oh, you know. Busy. Working. As always.”
“That is what makes it possible for him to support you in the style you deserve.” A horn beeped and Joe started. The car beside him couldn’t back out of its slot without flattening him where he stood. He raised a hand in apology and moved on toward the mall entrance. “Tell me you’re not thinking of leaving him again.”
“Of course not!” But she sounded more defensive than certain. 

Hmm. An odd little snippet, but I guess it does tell you something about my hero. And his mother. And if all else fails, blame it on your mother, right? If my kid doesn't I haven't been trying hard enough.

Now for the next part. I have to 'tag' seven other people. So here are the lucky seven, chosen mostly at random from among those I encounter on Twitter:

Teresa L Watts

Terri L Coop

Emily Page 

Kairee Taylor

Deryn Collier - Go check out her new book!

Melissa C Alexander

And just so I don't seem sexist.... Charley Pearson

Okay people. You have your mission. Let's see those lines.




Linda G. said...

Okay, you got me interested with just seven lines in the middle of your WIP. That tells me good things about the book right there. :)

Charley said...

Oh, dear. This could be interesting (in the Chinese curse sense?). My seven:

Another screaming form passed before Kristy. She dropped pencil and paper, scrunched her eyes shut, and covered her ears. Why did the flowers smell so sweet? It wasn’t right. And the birds far off kept singing. Couldn’t they tell what was happening?
One prisoner fought and yelled atop the cliff. He blindly swung his fists. Endo ducked and wrapped arms around him, while Ijuin threw another over the edge.
Kristy opened her eyes and forced down her hands. She slunk to the opening of the cave and peeked out past the vines.

OK, that's pretty cryptic. It's from the entry I sent Janet Reid for her pay-it-forward contest. Now off to email seven friends, I guess. Cya!
- Charley