Saturday, October 01, 2011

September Scenes


Yes, I know September is over. In case I had any doubt, the weather made sure and reminded me with a cold, damp wind this morning in place of the balmy sunshine we've had lately. But here are a few shots from the last month.

Didn't even have to Photoshop this self-portrait to make myself look petite. 

Thanks to all that snow and rain last spring our creeks are still running clear and fresh, a real luxury this late in the year. 

What, there aren't stock trailers full of cows in your kindergarten drop off lane?

The neighbor's field, otherwise known as where your canola oil comes from.

We did a six week stint as soccer parents. Our last, unless the boy has an extreme change of heart. He looked good in a uniform (and excuse me, that is WATERMELON, not pink), but he seems to have an issue with running until your sides ache. Can't say I blame him, same reason I never much liked the game. 

Grain harvest is in full swing, this is the neighbors combining barley with the mountains of Waterton Park in the background. 

The View from a cowgirl's perspective. And that's all I'm sayin' about that.



Scooter Carlyle said...


Fabulous photos. May I post a few on my blog if I give you credit and link back?

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Sure. Um, except for the one of the kid. Otherwise, it's not like I'm a pro at this photography thing.

Shawna Thomas said...

LOL How did you know I was thinking: Why in the world is his soccer uniform pink? So um, watermelon...there's an issue there too. What kind of coach even knows there is a color called watermelon? ; ) Regardless of color, he looks adorable!

All kidding aside, these are absolutely gorgeous!

Crystal Posey said...

A cowgirl's perspective. Bahahahahaha

Love, love, love the photos, but then you probably knew I would.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Looks like a good time to me!