Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fix or Repair Daily?

At least, that's how it seems around here most days. Things get broke faster than my husband and my dad can patch them back up again.
Between Blogger's periodic breakdowns and few other minor chores like branding the main herd and the artificial insemination of the registered cows, I'm afraid there hasn't been much going on here at the ol' blog. Plus we're going to hitch up the tractor to the pickup and trailer and drag it through the mud and out of here for a little Memorial Day getaway.

And of course, there's what you get when you take one half ton round bale, add a tractor with a grapple fork and an "Oops!"

Have a great weekend. Hope it's warmer and slightly less soggy than it appears ours will be.



Ron Scheer said...

That pickup pic brought a flashback. I once got hung up in a ditch on a tractor with a front-end fork loader - and put one of the teeth through the tire of another tractor stopped in front of me. I didn't get away with an oops, however...

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Have a great weekend. I just left Montana. Had great weather, but the rain set in on Thursday when I left...

Kari Lynn Dell said...


Yikes. Tractor tires are not cheap. Neither is the chloride to fill them.


And the rain is STILL HERE. We drove all the way across the state north to south today and it never stopped.