Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Answers

I've noticed that a lot of other blogs have occasional question and answer sessions. Since I have no idea what else to write about, I figured I'd do the same. I've been accumulating questions for a while now. Here are the answers to some of the most frequent.

Q: Do you still have snow?
A: Just a few drifts around the yard.

Q: How can newborn calves survive in that weather?
A: Indoor arena = spoiled cows

Q: I bet all that snow makes working cows a challenge.

Q: Going to any rodeos this winter?

Q: Are cows mean?

Q: Why in the world do people become Montana ranchers?


Ron Scheer said...

That calving shed looks first class.

Bill Kirton said...

Just two things Kari Lynn.

1) I'm writing from a SCotland with a feel of Spring everywhere - sunshine, porcelain sky, daffodils, and snow a distant memory.

2) I've nominated you for a stylish blog award. If you want it, just copy the logo from my latest blog and tell us 7 things about you.

Linda G. said...

Aww. Those cute little calves almost make up for all that nasty white stuff. Almost.

Carol/Red Dirt in My Soul said...

I love your take on Questions and Answers! MUCHMUCH more expressive than mine! Good for a giggle as usual!

Charles said...

Answering via photos and video... Love it! And your yard is SO pretty. I want to be there!

Okay, granted, I don't want frozen water, but I still do want to be there.

Charles said...

Yeah.... this is me BTW. Not Charles. Oops.