Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hey, y'all!

That's me, practicing my southern-speak, because I'm currently south of the Mason-Dixon line at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. My brother will be deploying from here next week, headed to Khandahar. That's in Afghanistan, for those of you who are allergic to the screaming and self-important pontificating we call news reporting these days.

I'm not a huge fan of traveling via airplane. Not because I'm afraid, or even because I dread the whole security screening thing, although for future reference, sending a carry on packed with frozen Montana beef through the x-ray machine in Bozeman a does raise a few eyebrows. I can only imagine the reaction if I tried that in Atlanta. Thank the lord it didn't thaw out and start dripping from the overhead bin...although that certainly would have livened up what was an otherwise pretty dull flight from Denver to Nashville.

 Mostly I don't like flying because I feel like I'm missing so much in between where I started and where I ended up, and I always feel sort of displaced when I get plunked down at an airport instead of working my way into a place like you do when you drive.

Also, I forgot my camera, so no pictures for you unless I mooch them from one of my sisters.

So far, the most striking thing I've seen down here is the evidence of last year's floods. Those of you who've been hanging out here for a while may remember when we auctioned off the ranch for flood relief. You have no idea how good it feels to know we contributed in any way to the amazing job these folks have done rebuilding. But still, so many businesses stand abandoned, or have been demolished to leave an empty lot where people once earned their living. And we haven't even ventured into any of the affected residential areas.

Anyway, thanks to the trip and working a couple of Saturdays to make up for time off, my January is pretty well shot. I doubt you've missed my whining about the cold, right? But by the time I get home and get caught up, we'll be starting to keep on eye on the 'heavies', in case anybody decides to pop out a calf ahead of schedule.

Yep, already that time again. Amazing, how fast the years cycle through. For now, I'm off to check out Opryland and find me some real southern barbecue.



Melissa Alexander said...

Love Nashville, and wish you had your camera. Hate to break it to you though... You have to go to Memphis for the best barbeque.

Kari Lynn Dell said...


Even so-so Nashville barbecue is better than what I get up north. Pretty much the only thing I missed about Texas.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend stationed there. Give a wave in the direction of Fort Campbell for me.

Linda G. said...

Welcome to the south. :) Good luck finding good barbecue east of Texas, though. ;)

(Actually, after more than twenty years in VA, I've become accustomed to "southern" barbecue. Even like it now.)

carol/Red Dirt in My Soul said...

Enjoy the trip... and give my best to your brother... my nephew is in Bagram. Also, nominated you to the 2011 Bloggies as a Best Kept Secret blog... now you can relate to all those singers in Nashville!

Ron Scheer said...

Kandahar is no picnic. I hope it goes well for your brother. Thanks for the dispatch from your travels. BTW, I've come to hate flying period.

Lynn Bauer said...

Kari Lynn -
Thank you so much for publishing this prayer. I'm of Choctaw?Welsh descent, but, grew up very far from any of my true "family," so this made an immediate and permanent impression. I held my own "prayer stick" celebration of his life in a place of wild horses - somewhere he and his sister loved to go. A friend who watches over these horses sent the link to me hoping for its healing powers (I think). She was right.

Lynn Bauer (Hughes)

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Anon: If I had any idea which direction I was facing at any given time around here, I would be glad to. Holy crap, am I turned around. But since I'm staying on base, just inside Gate 6 of Ft. Campbell, a general wave will probably work.

Linda: I forfeited barbecue for something called a Kentucky Hot Brown sandwich on homemade bread at Patti's in Grand Rivers, and I have NO regrets. Ham, turkey, tomatoes, cheese sauce and bacon, with homemade potato chips stacked on top. I'm going to be needing some extra seat room on the plane home.

Carol: Wow, thanks. And the rate I've been posting lately, I'm likely to remain a secret. But the first draft of the book is DONE, so I can at least peek out of the cave once in a while now.

Ron: Yeah, we're not so thrilled about Khandahar.

Lynn: Thank Megan. She did a beautiful job with the prayer, didn't she?

Cynthia D'Alba said...

You HAVE to hit the Grand Old Opry while you're there. You just have too!

Good luck to your brother "over there" Hug him for the rest of us and tell him thanks.

Weekend Cowgirl said...

I love to drive because flying you miss all those wonderful photo opportunities... I would love to just drive all the country roads in US to view and photograph all the sights.