Saturday, May 08, 2010

Auctioning Off the Ranch

Yep, really. Not the whole thing, though, just a few days worth.

For those who follow this blog regularly, you've been seeing pictures and hearing some whining about the late winter snowstorms we've had in the past couple of weeks. It's been tough on the cattlemen around here, but it's nothing compared to the flooding the people of Tennessee, and Nashville especially, have endured.

As it happens, my brother is currently stationed only thirty miles from there, at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He was lucky enough to dodge the floods. Also, thanks to the magic of the internet, I 'know' several writers from the Nashville area. Some of them have put together an internet auction to benefit flood victims. They sent out a call to all of their writer/editor/literary agent friends for contributions. Which is where we come in.

We're donating a five day stay for up to four people here at the ranch. The winning bidder will have to provide their own transportation to the ranch, or one of the nearest airports: either Great Falls, Kalispell or Bozeman, MT, or Calgary, Alberta. Or the nearest Amtrak stations in Cut Bank, East Glacier or Browning, MT.

While at the ranch, lodging will be provided:

As will all meals:

Depending on when you come, we'll probably chase a few cows:

Fix a few fences:

Maybe put up some hay:

The package also includes a day trip to Glacier National Park (weather permitting):

Possibly even a pow wow or a rodeo, if you happen to be here when there's one close by:

So there you go. Instead of just visiting the blog, this is your chance to visit Montana for Real and do a great thing for some people who could sure use a hand. Count your pennies and get ready.

THE AUCTION IS NOW LIVE!!  To participate, follow this link and post your bid in the comments section:   Day 3, Item 5

If you'd like more information about how the auction works and how your money will be used to help flood vicitims, you can go here: Auction Info

And yes, I'm kidding about the tipi. Unless you really want to sleep in there, in which case we'll be happy to accommodate you.

The winning bidder will have until September 1, 2011 to redeem their trip, so don't worry if you've already made your vacation plans for this summer.

We all can't wait to see who's coming to visit!


Julie Weathers said...

Ohhhh, I need this.

Susan at Stony River said...

Holy crap. I was hording my Paypal pennies for one of the manuscript critiques, but... BUT... this is hard to resist. What a fantastic idea for an auction - and how sweet of you to offer it!

Harley May said...

Oh my gosh. I so want to do this. I must first learn how to ride a horse if I hope to achieve my dream of champion bull dogger. Oh my gosh. I'm good with hay. Real good. Man. Too many awesome things on this auction.

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Susan: And you'll be in the area, too!

Harley May: Forget the horse. Come on out and we'll teach you how to chute dog.

Stan Grace said...

A very kind and generous gesture on the part of your family.

Janet Reid said...

omg, I am SO IN!!!

Cynthia D'Alba said...

This is an awesome prize, Kari! Can't wait to see how high it goes :)

Carol said...

Way to go, Kari! Great idea. am with Cyndi wondering how high this will go! Maybe I could offer a picnic on my place...

Carol said...

Whoops. I'm not a writer... ah, well. Forget the picnic!

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Carol: You're a blogger. That makes you a writer, too. And the auction isn't limited to writers, but they have stopped taking donations because they've been overwhelmed. Isn't that awesome? They are setting up a raffle for a bunch of items they couldn't squeeze into the auction, also, so check the website. There are some great autographed books to be had.

Victoria Schwab said...

Up tomorrow :)


Bill Cameron said...

I wanna come.

Susan M. Boyer said...

I've been lurking for days, trying to decide which item to try and snag by placing a last minute bid. I was SO tempted to bid on The Shark, but the bidding went too rich for my bank account. THEN, I saw this, and started planning my strategy. Alas, the ranch visit went quickly out of reach. Of course, I'm delighted as it's for such a good cause. But man, oh man, I was fantasizing about coming to Montana!!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

What a great idea!