Sunday, April 04, 2010

It's Official

Spring has sprung. Doesn't matter whether we get a foot of snow next week, winter is officially over the day I see the first crocus of the year.

Enjoy the view. I will be heading south for a seminar for most of the week. I fully expect to see hundreds of these purple beauties sprinkled across the pastures by the time I get back.


Jon Griggs said...

Snowing hard here in NV at the mo, no croci in sight. Sorry you missed my twitter farewell, I got a little obssesive about it and figured to get out while the getting was good.


The Artist Formerly Known As Cowjon.

Anonymous said...

It´s lovely. Spring has come in my area to. Krokus and some flower we called snowdropps.
Is "our" crocus grows wild. Amazing !


Robin Wendell said...