Monday, January 04, 2010

Better Late Than Never

This was supposed to be my New Year's Day post, but it was delayed by an unexpected internet access problem and the kind of gorgeous, sunny days you just have to take advantage of in January in northern Montana.

Generally, I like to read things that make me laugh, but once in awhile I run across something that forces me to stop and think. Suzanne Hayze does that to me a lot. Her blog posts make me sad, they make me uncomfortable, sometimes they even make me kind of angry. But they always make me come back for more, because the writing is so beautiful and so poignant, I can't stay away. As we embark upon this brand new decade, I hope I will never take the wonder in my life for granted. And that my child's life will always have stories...and glitter.

Absence of Wonder

And on those days when the news on the radio and the television is full of the worst of humankind and the horrible things we do to each other, I check in with Lost in the Feed, who reminds me that by keeping our eyes open we can find opportunities to make the world better one person at a time:

An opportunity lost, or #fail, and yet...

If that doesn't isn't enough to turn my day around, I head over to visit Carol in Ten Sleep, WY. 'Cuz if you can look at this and not smile, you're in pretty bad shape:

Rimrock English Shepherds

Here's hoping your New Year is full of kindness and wonder and glitter. And puppies.

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Unknown said...

Thank you! You are awesome. I am always returning here because you make me remember that there is a whole world outside the urban jungle. Thanks for that!