Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Ranch Rodeo

For those who aren't familiar, a ranch rodeo is a competition between teams of riders, in events that mimic the type of work traditionally done on ranches. Stuff like team doctoring, team branding, and trailer loading (according to our friend Scotty, this last event gave his team an unfair advantage, as they not only have more practice at roping random cattle and throwing them in trailers than most people, but are generally doing it in the dark). There were no bucking horses--at least, not intentionally. Unfortunately, my cheap digital camera isn't much use for action shots, but here are a few other things I saw.
Pretty easy to tell that this is true family entertainment.
Captain of the Cramer team, 2019
Our version of training wheels.
The lineup.

A little cowboy romancin' between events?

This is the grandstand. Note the number of people. Note that
yes, you can see right through the bleachers to the area under
the grandstand. Which means every one of those people who
happened to look down had an excellent view of the child who
dropped his Wranglers and pooped right there.
Yes, we were proud.


Julie Weathers said...

I love the training wheels. Oh, and I'll bet you were proud.

Crystal Posey said...

You should definitely share more pictures. Love it.

Megan Doherty said...

I love the tid bit your friend Scotty added about the roping randoms in the dark...... We too travel to ranch rodeo up and down the state (california that is).