Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's About Time

Yep, we're finally harvesting the barley.


Carol said...

It's Miller Time!!! Or Coors... Budweiser?? whatever... congrats on making it to harvest with no hail, snow, or high winds!

Anonymous said...

Lovely field. Looks like a good harvest?

Bringing on the beer. NOW

Anita said...

That is the most beautiful photo!
Are you a trained photographer? One of my next goals is to get a decent camera and to learn how to produce great photos.
Any advice?

Kari Lynn Dell said...


I took that picture with my phone. LOL. Just goes to prove, if the subject is gorgeous enough, the skill of the operator and the price of the camera become irrelevant. Although I was thinking tonight that if I'm going to keep living around here I really do need to get a decent camera. In the past week I've missed incredible shots of a coyote bounding around in the wheat field after a mouse, a doe with a pair of twin fawns, and several truly stunning sunsets, thanks to smoke in the air from fires out west. And thats just driving back and forth to work!

KariLynn Dell

Anita said...

A cellphone picture...that is a lol. I had to take another look at the photo! It's still as beautiful as it was when I first saw it.

Let me know when you get your new camera, and I'll do the same. :)