Saturday, June 27, 2009

So How Was Your Day?

I spent my afternoon on the Going to the Sun highway in Glacier National Park. It's about two hours from our house to the top of Logan Pass. Along the way, we ran across a few of the locals:
(click on the photos to get a full screen view)
That's a baby mountain goat, in case you weren't sure. We also saw a black bear, but there was too much traffic to stop and take pictures.
For those of you who asked, back when we were butt deep in snow, why we live you know.


Susan at Stony River said...! We used to raise goats (the shaggy horned Irish type) and I do miss watching the kids play every spring.

Sometimes I get frustrated with remote rural living--unreliable internet connection, everything is an hour's drive away, there's no tv signal without a satellite--but when we look around and see and hear and smell the world as it was meant to be? Yeah, it's worth everything.

Anonymous said...

Husband and I were at Glacier in Sept 2001 (had trouble getting home after 9/11) But I was astounded at all the animals we saw. LOTS of bears..more than I have seen at any other park. We really have to get back up there.

Kari Lynn Dell said...

I believe everyone should make the trip to Glacier National Park at least once in their life. Better yet, a vacation that combines both Glacier and Yellowstone, which are only half a day's drive apart. But plan to give each at least a full day, three would be better.

Wendy said...

I wish you would have brought me back one of those baby goats!

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Believe me, I was tempted. But his mother was armed and looked like she knew how to use those horns.