Saturday, July 19, 2014

Heart Butte


A couple of weeks back my sister and her fancy schmancy new camera were visiting, so we decided to go off on a photo safari of the wildest reaches of the Blackfeet least from our perspective. We live on the northeast side and rarely venture to the southwest section, especially the back roads. So we gathered up my cousin Rhonda to be our personal historian/trail guide, since she lives down there. I'll sprinkle some of these photos around the blog over the next few weeks, starting with the area around Heart Butte, which is both a mountain and a town.

Green Lake....I think

Badger Creek canyon

Heart Butte

Jack pines, which were once used to hold burial platforms.

Sun lodge...and one explanation of what they're used for:  Okan



Linda G. said...

Positively gorgeous pictures! Y'all should make a calendar.

Mary said...

Awesome, I hope to see more of Montana in person this fall. :)

Fiona Lowe said...

JUst totally gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them and I look forward to seeing more :-)