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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Photo Ops

Otherwise known as 'Up half the night, too tired to write.' Stayed awake 'til eleven-thirty to check cows. Started snowing hard just before I went out, so I was scrambling around for close to an hour in the mud and the snowstorm rearranging cows and trying to get newborn cow/calf pairs under the shed for shelter. Got it done, then the four wheeler quit and I had to walk back to the house. Then I crawled in bed, barely dozed off, and my son came shuffling in wanting someone to come lay with him because he had a nightmare.

Thus, pictures.

The Nursery:

Prize Heifer (Apex Focus 053 cow and Apex Windy 078 bull, (Apex Angus) for those of you who care about such things.):

Would you believe we were being ironic?

At the end of the day:



liebjabberings said...

Wonder how many of them would have made it if you hadn't. Sounds like a job needing doing - and well done.

The kid, too.


BS said...

Cow photos are always my favorite. Hope you will see spring soon. It has been a cold winter for us so I am ready for warmer weather!

BS said...

(Weekend Cowgirl!!)