Monday, January 27, 2014

Scary Stuff


Per an impromptu poll taken in our roping arena, the five scariest sounds in the world in the ears of  a horse:

1.  A hissing rattlesnake.

2.  A lightning strike within fifty yards.

3.  Velcro.

4.  The crinkling of a Walmart bag.

5.  Cannon fire.

Now if you'll excuse me, gotta go patch some bridle reins.



Laurie Lamb said...

Mine love the sound of 4. Means a substantial sized treat is going to appear. However, the sound of a small Starfrit Lock & Lock snack container closing results in a reaction worthy of needing a shovel on standby in case I have to scrape someone off the ceiling. Scary.

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Hah. I know what you mean, Laurie. I think I could call my mare in from the far west pasture just by rustling the paper sweet feed bag.

LazyHippieMama said...

I went in search of a blog written by someone in Montana and I found yours and I love it! I read several of your posts and enjoyed the mix of photos, information and humor. That Montana sunset is gorgeous! So... the reason I went searching is because last night, as I stayed up way too late playing on my computer, I was looking at my own blog stats and realized that I have views from all over the world and 49 states but not a SINGLE VIEW EVER in two years from Montana! I feel incomplete! I'm hoping to make a bloggy friend to fill in the big white space on my US map! Also... apparently there's an audience out there I'm not reaching (not a lot of lazy hippies in ranch country I'm guessing?!) so I need to be educated. Now I'm off to read more of your stuff and share you with my followers. Have a beautiful day! :)