Saturday, December 28, 2013

Weather or Not


Last week the wind blew my dog away. Okay, not away, like hello Toto, welcome to Oz. More like she was loping along minding her own business and that of a bunch of dumbass heifers, and she hit a patch of frozen snow and the wind slammed her broadside and sent her skidding like a black and white hockey puck. I don't speak dog, but whatever she said was not fit for young ears.

Since that time we've had high wind warnings nearly every day. Around here, that means 50 mph and up. Anything less is just a stiff breeze. There is good news, though. Winds like these in December are pretty much always the result of warm weather masses. On Thursday and Friday the temperature climbed all the way up to the forties. All of the packed snow on our steeply slanted driveway melted, at least on the surface, so we were walking/driving around on a solid sheet of wet ice, canted at a 5% grade.

But that was yesterday.

Our weather is nothing if not schizophrenic. At ten-thirty last night it was thirty-five degrees, I could see every star in the sky horizon to horizon, and of course the wind was howling. This morning? Dead calm. Clear sky. Half and inch of snow. All it cost us to get rid of the wind? Every single degree. It's right on zero. Today's high: ten.

No worries though. Tomorrow it's supposed to be thirty. Too bad the warm front will be ushered in on another damn  Chinook wind.



Anonymous said...

I clicked over here from Janet Reid, quite a blog recommendation! I love Montana and often fantasize about living on a ranch. I probably over-romanticize it, but I'm glad you're writing about it! Good luck with your writing in the new year.

Anonymous said...

That's how I ended up here too :) I'm not a Montana fan in particular, (There's too much winter there, as the post demonstrates beautifully.)

I enjoy the writing style, though, so I plan to stick around. I'm glad Janet Reid mentioned the blog.

Unknown said...

I'm glad Janet recommended this blog! I live just north of you in Alberta, Canada, and our weather is every bit as schizophrenic up here.

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Thanks for dropping by, everyone. It definitely makes blogging easier when you happen to live what a lot of people seem to think is a unique lifestyle, even if it's just the same old stuff to us.

What part of Alberta, Janel? We're just across the border from Cardston.

Mary said...

Hey Kari your lifestyle is interesting and you have a way of saying things that frequently make me laugh and read what you wrote aloud to hubby. It is so nice hearing about your lifestyle while not having to dress in those 4 layers of clothes to deal with the chores. :)