Monday, January 14, 2013

In a Rut

We've been in winter sports mode here for the last three weeks--skating, snowboarding, skiing and sledding--we've given it all a shot with varying degrees of success. The snow in the coulees is still a little scant for downhill sledding so we've been limited to the tow-along version. If you've never experienced sledding at the end of thirty feet of rope, you might want to start by reading this post from a couple years back, called The Snow Saucer of Doom.

Since starting the snowmobile generally requires half a can of ether and a generous dose of curse words, Logan and I stick with the four wheeler. Nice enough for the driver, but it just can't match a snowmobile's wide, flat track when it comes to sledding. I think you can see why:

I would like you to please all note that I never once dumped the kid on purpose. Yeah, I know. I'm gonna make him soft.



Cynthia D'Alba said...

He need to learn to ride the "hump" between the wheels and not the rut! and someone we missed the picture of your ass as you bent over to get the sled upright and the kiddo back on it. Hmm I see some film editing

Stephanie said...

You need to get him his own walking poles to traverse the tire tracks when he falls off. They work great for that.