Friday, February 19, 2010

We're Baa-aack!

My mini vacation from the blog is over...almost. Blame the Olympics. I keep getting sucked into watching people  fling themselves down mountains at insanely high rates of speed. Oh, ow! It has got to hurt to crash like that wearing nothing but Spandex.

I did, however, manage to eek out a post over at my alternative blog. Check it out, and I will be back tomorrow with photos of the first of this year's calf crop. Yep, we're off and running. In the meantime, you can read about why the Pacific Northwest  Drives Me Crazy.

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Stan Grace said...

I can understand your frustration driving in Portland or any major metro area. My ultimate in trying navigational experiences also took place in Portland during a three and one half hour trip between the airport and and the Sheraton Hotel in the city center. As a fellow Montana rural driver take this trip sometime in a snow storm riding with a turbaned cabby newly arrived from the Middle East. One that appears to have no understanding of the language you grew up with and even less of an idea why snow makes the pavement slick.