Monday, October 05, 2009

So You Wanna Be a Cowboy?

I'm sure no one who has paid much attention to this blog is surprised that it looked like this at my house yesterday:

You may, however, be suprised to learn that there was a high school rodeo just down the road. Outdoors. And no, they did not cancel or reschedule. You wanna be a rodeo cowboy in Montana? You better learn to rope in the snow, pard, 'cuz if the ground hasn't frozen, the show will go on.


Stan Grace said...

A little snow is environmentally friendly dust abatement.

Being Beth said...

I think I'm a picture window cowboy -- I prefer looking at the snow through glass rather than roping in it. LOL

Anita said...

When I see what's going on with the weather in October in Montana, I wonder could I leave good ol', all 4/equal seasons Virginia.

A high school rodeo is to be envied though.

Another simple, yet intriguing photo...from your cell phone? :)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

At least the snow waited until October.

Kari Lynn Dell said...


Yep, the cell phone again. :) Right now, it's my only functional camera.

Elizabeth: That's exactly what we were saying And most of the folks around here, including us, just finished harvesting last week.

Crystal Posey said...

We both no that I do NOT want to be a cowboy, I just like to read about them.

Crystal Posey said...

Um, yeah, that should have been "know"