Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogs from Home

I confess. The real reason I started a blog is I'm pathetic at writing letters. It's another sequence just waiting to suck me in. First, I have to remember that I intended to write the stupid thing. Then I have to find a pen, paper, an envelope and a stamp. Then I have to remember how to write, versus typing. Finding something to say is minor compared to all that.
Getting the thing written is only half the battle. I then have to remember to actually take it with me to town. And drop it in the mailbox. After carrying it back and forth for several days because I have forgotten the address. It's all just way more than I can handle.
So I started a blog.
Normally, letter writing wouldn't be that much of an issue, but my brother is at Baghram Air Base in Afghanistan with the Screaming Eagles, 101st Airborne Division, out of Fort Campbell, KY. And yes, I am aware that I probably didn't say all that in proper Army lingo. Sue me. I'll give you half of everything my bank owns.
So...Hi, Marty! And honest, I will send a real letter, just as soon as I find that old gas receipt I scribbled your address on.

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