Monday, January 30, 2017

Tangled in Texas - Spotlight Scavenger Hunt

It's Almost Here!

Wait...wait...wait...wait...BAM! After what seems like an eternity, the release of Tangled in Texas is suddenly upon us. Officially, it's scheduled for February 7th but I'm hearing from readers who pre-ordered and have already received their copies! 

The cyber-tour begins January 30th, and this time around we set it up as a scavenger hunt. There are ten different posts spread over twenty blogs. We had designed the hunt so each post contained a keyword in boldface, but unfortunately, when the bloggers cut and pasted the tips into their sites the formatting didn't always go along, which means sometimes there is no boldface keyword. In those cases, pick out what you think is the main topic of the tip, I'll know what you mean. Collect all ten keywords and post them in the comments on this post, along with your snail mail address. 

I have set the comments so only I can see them, so A. Your personal information won't be visible to the public, and B. Nobody can cheat off of your test paper. 

Everyone who completes the scavenger hunt will get a free album download and signed CD cover from Jared Rogerson, whose song Ninety or Nothin' is the theme of leading man Delon's comeback from a major injury. Head over to Jared Rogerson Music to hear the kind of country music you wish was still on the radio, and pick out your favorite album.

Check back here every day to see which site has posted the latest excerpt and one of my ten tips on how to sort the real cowboys from the wanna-bes, each link will go live the day the blog in question runs the day's tip.

Romance Reviews Today - 1/30/17

I Love Romance - 2/1/17

Just Contemporary Romance - 2/1/17

The Sassy Bookster -  2/2/17

Joyfully Reviewed - 2/3/17

Romance Junkies - 2/3/17

Romancing Rakes for the Love of Romance - 2/3/17

Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess - 2/5/17

Em & M Books - 2/5/17

The Romance Studio - 2/6/17

Queen of All She Reads - 2/6/17

Moonlight Rendezvous - 2/6/17

What Is That Book About - 2/6/17

Booklover Sue - 2/9/17

Book Loving Pixies - 2/10/17

Those Crazy Book Chicks - 2/11/17

Reviews By Crystal - 2/13/17

StoreyBook Reviews - 2/15/17

Buried Under Romance - 2/16/17

From the TBR Pile - 2/18/17

When the tour is all wrapped up on 2/18/17, there will be a grand prize drawing from all of the complete entries for the scavenger hunt. Get your entries in by Sunday, 2/19/17 at 5 pm MST.

No, you don't get the saddle. Just the bag, which is the perfect size for a laptop. Or lots of books.

In the meantime, I hope you'll play along and visit all the awesome bloggers who help keep authors in business.



Congrats to Cathy Lieber for winning the book bag.


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